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Fujipacific Music (S.E. Asia) Ltd. is the subsidiary company of Fujipacific International Co. Ltd. The company was first established in 1994 in Hong Kong. Later on 1st March, 1998, Fujipacific purchased the whole assets of Golden Pony Music Publishing Hong Kong and the Publishing division of Pony Canyon Taiwan, and then became an active office. Gradually we have been an active independent regional music publisher with affiliates and representatives extending to South Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Mainland China.

Throughout the past years, we have grown into a medium size publisher. Not only have we handled a large number of 1,000,000 music copyrights in our database, but also we have provided our professional services to each of our individual publisher and songwriter. We have successfully secured a number of cover recordings by local artists from our foreign publishing repertoires as well as coordinated our songwriters with local producers and record companies for songwriting or production work. We also work with the advertising agencies and film companies for placing our represented songs to fit in their projects.

We have been on the board of directors of Asian Music Publishers Ltd. (AMPS) and the Chairman office of Music Publishers Association of Hong Kong (MPA HK). AMPS is a regional music publisher association taking care of the publishing industry development of South East Asia and MPA HK handles the local issues in Hong Kong. Jonathan Ho as representative of the Company has been elected on the board of directors of the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH). Together with other AMPS and MPA HK directors, we have been promoting our industry interest in various aspects in the South East Asian region.