Fujipacific Music (S.E. Asia) Ltd.
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Below are our affiliates or representatives to take care of our catalogue royalty collection:

Japan: Our head office Fujipacific Music Inc.
South Korea: Fujipacific Music Korea Inc.
Taiwan: Forward Music Publishing Co. Ltd.
Singapore: Forward Music Publisher Pte Ltd.
Malaysia: Indie Works Sdn. Bhd.
Thailand: Phonoright (Thailand) Ltd.
Philippines: Universal Record Publishing
Indonesia: PT. Nadaku Musik
India: Deep Emotion Publishing

As for China, we grant our non-exclusive mechanical right to the mechanical society named Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC).

In order to strengthen our affiliate network, we hold a regional meeting every year for all our affiliates to get together with us. The regional meeting is to enhance the daily documentation communication, licensing matters, and to discuss about the rising issues from various territories.