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Our Catalogues | Our System

Our Catalogues

We own and control:

  • A number of Cantonese songs from the 80’s up to the current.
  • Various local and foreign songwriters like Schumann Lee (舒文), Ung Kuoc Iang (吳國恩), Joe Lei (李峻一), Oliver Chan, Gary Chaw, Bryan Chen (陳國華), Matthew Tishler, Tyler Shamy, Tha Vill... etc.

We administer:

  • Forward Music for the region outside of Taiwan and Singapore. Forward is the publisher of Forward Group and the company controls a number of Taiwan Mandarin hit songs from the 90's.
  • UFO Music Publishing and Skyhigh Music Publishing outside of Taiwan. UFO is the ex-licensee of Warner Music Taiwan controlling a number of Taiwanese Mandarin hit songs from the 80's pops of Sally Yeh, Wang Chieh and Julie So...etc.
  • Fujipacific Music Korea covering a large number of Korean songs on Korean TV drama and the label recordings.

We represent a number of international catalogues in S.E. Asian region:
(to name a few)

Fujipacific Music Inc.,
SBK Group
Shapiro Bernstein & Co. Inc.
Pulse Music Publishing
Wixen Music Group
Edizioni Curci
Bucks Music Group
Wise Music Group
Atlas Music Group
Raleigh Music Group
Fermata/Bendig Group
Reformation Publishing
Somerset Songs Publishing
Pen Music Group
Maverick Music
Barton Music
The Royalty Network
Reach Music Publishing
Cohen & Cohen administered publishers
Reservoir/Reverb Music Group
Memory Lane Music
Meisel Music
IQ Music
Chelsea Music

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Our System

We have a centralised regional computer system. Hong Kong is the data source provider for the affiliated offices. We share the same data base and our affiliates will make use of the data for the royalty distribution. Therefore the royalty accounting is made on the at-source basis. There is no need for the double entry work for the affiliates to update their song data system, and no need for the Hong Kong office to re-process the royalties collected via affiliated offices. With this simplified royalty collection system, we and our affiliates will concentrate more efficiently on the tracking of royalties and monitoring of the songs being used.

Our royalty accounting takes place every half year with an approximately accounting frame of 60 to 90 days.

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