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In 2004 and 2005, we have developed our master production series titled “Phoenix Dream”. Up to the present there are 4 volumes as below:


an instrumental chill-out album made by our talented writer Carlyshemoss. Carly wrote 3 original tunes on the album and recorded 9 international hit songs in her special new arrangement. Some of the remarkable songs include “Feelings”, “Times of Your Life”, “Oye Como Va”, “Forever Young”, “Torna a Surriento”. The concept of the album is good for Meditating, Soothing, Healing and Yoga.


a sequel to “CRYSTAL” by Carlyshemoss. In this album Carly reflected in her own technique to show how to beautiful oneself through the ambient energy of music. Carly chose several Japanese classic tunes like “Arigatou”, “La La La Love Song” & “Love Story Wa Totsuzenni” in addition to some international hits such as “Feel Like Making Love”. Carly also sang on a Kool & the Gang’s cut “Too Hot”.


a more uplifting album made by our another talent Matthew Wan. Matthew picked up some very famous classic hits such as “All the Way”, “That’s the Way I Like it”, “Stand By Me”, “Guantanamera”, “Love Potion No. 9”, “Corcovado” and re-arranged all these tunes in various creative styles – uplifting yet and relaxing, ethical but trendy.


a perceptive album by our talent Cheong Ka Hon. Ka Hon selected some of the pop hits like "Hidamarino Uta", "Do That To Me One More Time", "The Painter", "Amazing Grace" and re-arranged all those tracks in an innovative manner by Ka Hon. As a native from Macau, Ka Hon expressed his senses of life in Macau in his own composition "A Winter in Macau".